COVID-19 News

Navigating out of Lockdown: The 3 T’s; Tracing, Tracking & Testing

Mohamed Amersi was involved in discussions with Senior UK Government Officials on the technology required to navigate out of Lockdown. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology sector, Mohamed was able to offer Government insight into the challenges and opportunities within the TMT sector to navigate an careful and effective exit from Lockdown.

Mohamed Amersi invited to participate in a virtual discussion on the Healthcare Industry’s response to Covid-19, hosted by The Commonwealth Enterprise Investment Council

Mohamed Amersi was invited to participate in an online discussion hosted by The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC), where he also serves as a board member. The discussion titled “The Healthcare Industry’s response to Covid-19: From PPE procurement to tech innovation.” was hosted by Lord Marland, CWEIC Chairman.

The Foundation supports One Million Meals

One was launched as a response to Covid-19, with a clear mission: to feed one million nutritious meals & drinks to NHS doctors, nurses, paramedics and key workers at the frontline.

Other news

Biannual Gathering for The Insitute D’Etudes Politiques

On Friday December 9th 2019, The Amersi Foundation hosted a three-day event at the British Academy for The Insitute D’Etudes Politiques (IEP), a Liechtenstein-based Think Tank covering the progress and development of political science, economics, and sociology.

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