One Young World Global Challenges Podcast on Conflict Resolution

Mohamed Amersi was invited to share his views and learnings on the urgent topic of conflict resolution, as part of The One Young World Global Challenges Podcast.

The Oneness of Humanity – an interfaith discussion hosted at the One Young World 10th Anniversary Summit in London in October 2019, moderated by One Young World Counsellor, Mohamed Amersi, was the first event of its kind uniting 8 senior faith leaders on a single stage in London, to unite, raising hands, voicing a shared message that ‘We are one’.

Mohamed shared the Foundation’s objectives, arising from Mohamed’s personal and professional journey combined with his passions. One of which is the Foundation’s dedication to building cohesive societies and a movement of peacebuilders, encouraging union and harmony over division through differences. Through his role as a Trustee for the Rose Castle Foundation, alongside the layers Mohamed’s work with One Young World

Quoting his close friend, Mohamed Yunus, “Every business has a social purpose.” Mohamed discussed the difference between philanthropy and the growing importance of impact investment as an evolving paradigm. There is a place for both types of funding.

Following a discussion reflecting on Mohamed’s career and learning journey to date, he shared his learnings along the way. Most importantly, Mohamed’s advice is for individuals and organisations to take the time to understand your purpose and long term goals. By extending the time horizon to 15 years for impact, moving away from short term gains, there are long term gains to be reaped with a commercial business case, alongside the moral and responsible case.

Mohamed’s final call to action is the need to form a holistic and long-term perspective, through recognising that the current global challenges are connected. There are no borders to the challenges we are living through, from rising inequality, to climate change, black lives matter and Covid-19, to name a few. People from all corners of the world are affected by the challenges, and there is a pressing need for a movement of collective action to rise up and work together to solve these increasingly interconnected problems.

The podcast is available to listen here.