The Oxford Foundry

Mohamed Amersi is a key founder of the University of Oxford’s Foundry and a member of its advisory board. This new entrepreneurship centre will focus on creating a vibrant environment where students can develop their entrepreneurial ideas and thinking.

At its core will be innovation and creativity. The driving aim will be to foster social and technological entrepreneurial thinking across the full potential of the 24,000-strong student community in Oxford, whether they are natural, social, or political scientists, current or alumni.

The Oxford Foundry is committed to upskilling the future workforce, providing students with opportunities to co-create, collaborate and build solutions to global challenges.

A primary focus of the Foundry’s activity is to help enhance employability and job creation through developing entrepreneurial thinking among students. Mohamed, a highly successful global entrepreneur, is passionately supportive in helping inspire students to think more entrepreneurially generally, while the centre helps link them with like-minded people, to build confidence and overcome fear of failure.