In Our Futures, The Amersi Foundation funds research and supports programmes and initiatives that focus on key issues facing society in the foreseeable future. These include the Future of Capitalism, the Future of Democracy, the Future of AI and the Future of Religion, in partnership with organisations such as the University of Oxford, the British Academy, LSE and others.

Going forward, the Future of Cities, the Future of Loyalty, the Future of Data and Privacy, the Future of the Environment, the Future of Health, Aging and Dying, and the Shifting Balance of International Power are all questions that the Foundation will look to fund.

In funding these initiatives, the Foundation will aim not only to develop an understanding of the challenges but also how best we are able to build on and mitigate the consequences and impact of such changes.

‘We need the humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be.’

Jacqueline Novogratz

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