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On 22nd October 2019, One Young World Counsellor Mohamed Amersi was invited to lead and moderate an inter-faith panel in front of a global audience of 2,000+ One Young World delegates. Mohamed convened eight esteemed senior faith leaders representing a wide range of religious communities around the world including Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Sunni and Shia Islam.

The complex challenges facing our fragile world today, combined with an erosion of trust in institutions, leads us to reflect and reconsider how we can collectively channel our actions to create a better future.

This panel illustrates the possibility of interfaith cooperation through the sharing of collective wisdom. By focusing on our common humanity we can rise above any differences to address urgent global challenges.

Lessons shared

1 Accept variation

There is far more that unites us than divides us. While contradictions may exist between beliefs and practices, we can work towards a better understanding of each other regardless of our differences. We should focus on shared values and virtues and common concerns to make our world a better place.

2 Embrace your exclusive identity, inclusively

Taking into consideration, three frames of identity;

  1. At the individual level, no person is like any other
  2. At the universal human level, we are all the same social beings – we all breathe, we all need food and water
  3. The social group identity – we are like some people and unlike others

By recognising our universal human identities, we can simultaneously be proud of our individuality and behave inclusively, respecting others for their beliefs and supporting each other towards building a peaceful shared world. Through compassionate leadership and by encouraging dialogue, we can build bridges of cooperation instead of walls of difference.

3 One single family

The leaders shared different stories with a common underlying thread. Their individual stories revealed the possibility for the whole world to unite as one single family. We need to discover our shared love and affection, while keeping our faith and identities intact. Can we allow the fibres of different faiths to create one fabric of humanity?

Click here to access the full recording of the One Young World Interfaith dialogue and the unique photographs that underpin this wonderful initiative.

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