Navigating out of Lockdown: The 3 T’s; Tracing, Tracking & Testing

Mohamed Amersi was involved in discussions with Senior UK Government Officials on the technology required to navigate out of lockdown. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology sector, Mohamed was able to offer Government insight into the challenges and opportunities within the TMT sector to navigate an careful and effective exit from lockdown.

In his advice, Mohamed draws upon his sectoral expertise, learnings from other countries, and the potential of multi-disciplinary research to solve what is a complex, multidimensional problem.

With the unprecedented level of open access and information available during this time, there is no shortage of recent examples to learn from. A critical aspect of Mohamed’s advice is to ensure the UK approach is designed by building on the strengths and lessons learned from the methods tried and tested and adopted around the world. The multi-dimensional problem requires a multi-layered solution with technology to address a functional need, design to ensure ease of navigation and deployment of a national communication and engagement strategy to build public trust and adoption. To be effective, contract tracing apps need almost 70 percent of a population to use them, according to an analysis by researchers at Covid-Watch.