Illustration for ‘Zal & The Phoenix by Annabel Sebag-Montefiore

Music without Borders, Cadogan Hall, London

On Thursday 16th January, The Amersi Foundation supported a concert, Music without Borders, along with The Trustees of Phoenix Creative Arts.

In alignment with Mohamed’s work with interfaith leaders, the programme of music was performed by artists from Iran, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. The diversity of sounds and instruments illustrated the universality of music, and its ability to transcend national borders and cultural boundaries.

The concert was a truly immersive evening, uniting the audience through the sound of the music, and the beauty of the paintings by the artist Annabel Sebag-Montefiore, projected onto the screen for the audience to enjoy. The paintings are evocative of Persian Art, commissioned for a new animation film in the making, Zal and The Phoenix, a fantasy story of acceptance and friendship.

The story of ‘Zal & The Phoenix’

With the rising tide of racism and discrimination on so many fronts, the Ferdowsi tale of Prince Zaal, born an Albino, rejected by his Father the King, befriended and adopted by a Phoenix, eventually reunited with his parents, is a story for children well worth telling, as much now as it was 1000 years ago

Illustration for ‘Zal & The Phoenix by Annabel Sebag-Montefiore