Mohamed Amersi’s Interfaith work referenced in The House of Lords debate

On February 24th 2020, Mohamed Amersi was referenced in a speech by Lord Leigh of Hurley, as part of the debate on The Terrorist Offenders Bill, in response to the recent Terrorist Attacks in London Bridge in November 2019 and Streatham High Road in February 2020.

In the speech, Lord Leigh of Hurley frames the possibility for Government to re-design prisons from ‘near-perfect conditions for radical, religiously framed ideologies to flourish to incubators of peaceful change and transformation’. With guidance from Mohamed Amersi, as part of his work with the Faith in Leadership Foundation, Lord Leigh emphasised the urgent need for faith training to control radicalisation in prisons. To experience the substantial advantages of the interfaith work, Lord Leigh reiterated Mohamed Amersi’s recommendation for programmes of Muslim faith leadership training to be validated in accordance with national qualifications and the need to expand courses and programmes for Muslim chaplains in Islamic pastoral care.

To read the speech in full, the transcript is available here.