Mohamed Amersi signs urgent appeal for global coordination amongst G20 Leaders to address Covid-19

Mohamed Amersi had the pleasure of working with Gordon Brown to convene a global call to action. Over 165 global leaders from across 70 countries formed an urgent appeal for the G20 Leadership to globally cooperate and coordinate to address the global health and economic crisis from COVID-19. This letter, was sent on April 6th 2020.

Covid-19 represents a global problem and cannot be solved with individual country-level solutions alone.  The letter outlines the urgent need for governments to come together to create a global exit strategy, harnessing the G20 relationships and network to ensure global coordination. 

Global coordination is necessary for three critical reasons:

1 Collaboration at all levels

Given the strength and connectivity across our global mobility network, we will be unable to achieve a successful global exit strategy from the virus unless we have real international cooperation.

2 Support the most vulnerable

Without a united approach, future waves of infection will ripple across the world, as can be learned from Singapore’s migrant communities. Poor countries and those who are most vulnerable need support from wealthier nations. 

3 Changing mindsets

The “First movement” (“America First”, “China First”,) has gone global and formed an international coalition of anti-internationalists. We need to change mindsets. A vaccine will be successful only when it is available in all countries, for everyone. 

The alternative outlook is bleak. We need to first protect our shared humanity and to mitigate the real risk of a global economic crisis becoming a global recession and potentially a global depression.